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Kawasaki mule 3010, 2510, 4010 diesel engine replacement conversion to gasoline engine. KAF950 models

Got a Kawasaki 2510, 3010 4010 Diesel Mule with a blown up or damaged broken engine and need a new replacement? KAF950, 2510, 4010 Works in TRANS4x4 units too

We now offer a kit to install a Briggs Vanguard in a Kawasaki Diesel mule!

Kit is available for you to install, or we can install kit for you.

Call us for additional information:

We can do the conversion for you, in our
shop, located in Southern Indiana. Please call for details and appointment.


Patent Pending

812-944-1643 8am-6pm weekdays

Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule 2 seater
Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule 4seater

Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule engine

Kawasaki 2510 Diesel Mule engine

Kawasaki 4010 Diesel Mule engine


Kawasaki 3010, 2510 or 4010 Diesel Mule engine conversion kit
Patent Pending

Got a Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Mule with a blown up diesel engine? Need replacement 950D Diesel engine?

The Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule came with the infamous poor Daihatsu 950D engine.
which suffers from poor crankshaft and rod design, along with diesel head overheating problems.

Untill now you had to either do expensive repairs to the Kawasaki 2510. 3010, 4010 Diesel Mule engine or purcahase a new Kawasaki 3010 Diesel engine at cost of over 6000$, or try to find a used one only to have the same problems again!

We have developed a kit to install 16hp-23hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard gasoline engine into your Kawasaki 3010, 2510 and 4010 Diesel 950D Mule.

The Kawasaki Mule 3010 units came with either a 20hp Kawasaki engine or a three cylinder Daihatsu 950D Diesel engine, both these engines were installed in the same basic machine. The gasoline Mule 3010's engine versions been very durable while the 950D series Diesel has proved to be very trouble prone.

Our kit allows you to install a Briggs and Statton Vanguard gasoline 16-23hp engine, these engines will power the 2510, 3010, 4010 Diesel Mule well, with the 23 horsepower units actually performing better then the original Kawasaki Mules.

Some features of our Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Mule diesel engine conversion kit:

1) Maintaines the original enclosed air cooled clutch belt drive system.
2) Keeps the stock engine height, which means the bed still shuts correctly.
3) Removes the entire water cooling system, with both radiators removed.
4) Provides Briggs and Stratton durability, low cost, great parts support.
5) Uses most stock components to lower conversion cost, including the enclosed clutch.
6) Mule is MUCH quieter with Vanguard than rattling diesel.
7 ) Allows you to use your Kawasaki KAF950 Diesel Mule again.

Kawasaki 2510 Diesel Mule engine replacement conversion kit

Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule engine replacement conversion kit

Kawasaki 4010 Diesel Mule engine replacement conversion kit

We offer the kit for you to do conversion yourself, or we can
install the conversion for you, call for details 812-944-1643 weekdays 8am-6pm
Located in Southern Indiana, Louisville KY metro area.

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See photos below:


What's in the Kawasaki Mule Diesel Conversion Kit:version

1) Main motor mount: Bolts to original Kawasaki Mule diesel mount craddle.
2) Machined crankshaft adapter hub, Available for both 1" or 1 1/8" crankshafts.
3) Proper length bolt, used to install original air cooled clutch.
4) Laser cut bell housing adapter plate, predrilled mounting holes
5) Three engine spacer plates, each predrilled.
6) Two lift off spacers, used to lift shifter bracket upward.
7) Foam seal, used to seal off enclosed air cooled clutch.
8) Not shown but included with kit, Throttle swivel for throttle cable.

Note: Parts painted white in photos are to show up in installation directions.
Parts will not be painted white in your kit.

Note: Some kits will have a splined hub instead of tapered one shown.
(it's the part shown in left photo in sliver steel)


This Kawasaki 2510, 3010, 4010 Diesel Conversion replacement kit supplies only the major items one needs
to do the conversion. You must have the skills necessary to do basic fabrication.
You must be able to wire the engine to the Kawasaki wiring harness. Cut, modify and weld the exhaust system.
We assume you have advanced mechincal skills and can remove unnecessary parts from the Kawasaki Diesel Mules.

You will have to be able to remove the original diesel engine while having the skills necessary to reinstall the
enclosed air cooled clutch housing, which this kit retains. Modify the original throttle cable and install a choke cable.

If you can do the above items, you can save a lot of money by installing a Briggs & Stratton 16-23hp Vanguard in your Kawasaki Diesel Mule.
We installed one of our new 23hp Vanguards in our unit. But you can use any new or used 16-23hp Briggs Vanguard horizontal engine with
either a 1" or 1 1/8" straight crankshaft with 1/4 key. Do not use a engine with a pull starter, as it will not fit.

We designed the kit to retain as many stock Kawasaki 2510, 3010 and 4010 Diesel Mule parts as possible.

Please read in detail all the installaion directions and view all the photos in good detail, before you purchase our kit.
No further directions are provided with the kit, you must refer to the photos and directions below:

For this installation we can supply any of the parts listed below:

1) Diesel Mule conversion kits itself: 795$ Tappered or 895$ Splined version
2) A correct Briggs 23 hp Vanguard engine with correct 1" Crank, we do crankshaft and throttle modification. See link HERE for current pricing
3) Extra long choke cable 45$
4) Exhaust manifoid, front outlet. 120$ ( fits new 23 Vanguard, see photos below for modification)


NOTE: Must know what model of Kawasaki Diesel Mule that you have. We have kits for all, please call for details.
There are many different ones ranging from 2000-2013 production:
KAF950 A1 and A2 and A3 versions MULE 2510
KAF950 B1 and B2 and B3 and B6F and B7F versions MULE 3010 and Mule Trans4x4
KAF950C7F Mule Trans4x4
KAF950D8F MULE 3010
KAF950E8F 3010 Mule Trans4x4
KAF950F9F MULE 4010
KAF950G9F Mule 4010 Trans4x4
KAF950GAF Mule 4010 Trans4x4
KAF950HAF Mule 4010 Trans4x4
KAF950GBF Mule 4010 Trans4x4
KAF950FCF Mule 4010 Trans4x4
KAF950GDF Mule 4010 Trans4x4

Or we just need to know if your clutch is tapered or splined on to your flywheel hub.


Patent Pending

Kawasaki 2510, 3010 4010 Diesel Mule Conversion Replacement Kit Installation Directions KAF950

Remove the original mule diesel engine, along with entire cooling system. leave fuel tank installed.
Remove entire drive clutch belt system, leave the transmission alum clutch cover inner plate
installed, as shown in photo.
(This is the alum cover plate that the provided white bellhousing adapter plate bolts to.)

Pull wiring and cables and tie back out the way.
Remove the front drive shaft assembly.
Remove transmission shifter cable bracket

Install the provided bell housing plate (white) with your bolts, as shown in photo.

Note the provided lower (white) motormount is just sitting there to show you proper orentation.
Do not bolt it down yet.

Note: Shifter cables mounting bracket has been removed, leave cables installed to the transmission
See Shifter Bracket Modification section for details

HINT: Click on all photos to view a larger photo.
We have kits to fit all Kawasaki 2510, 3010 and 4010 models

Using a small grinder: Grind this unused "Mounting Boss" off front of transmission, just grind
down to the main case surface. This is to help provide access to rear sparkplug of the
Briggs & Stratton engine. As engine fits really close to the mule transmission.

HINT: Click on photo to show a larger detailed view


Slide engine down over the 4 studs on the (white) lower motor mount assembly:

Note: Which direction the (white) mount is assembled under Briggs Vanguard engine.
Note: Which set of holes are being used in the Briggs Vanguard engine.
Note: That the holes closest to PTO face are being used.


Your plate will be supplied a different color


Install and tighten your nuts on (white) motor mount.

Note: Again notice, orientation of the motor mount: Make sure you install it as shown in this
and the previous photo.


Your plate may be supplied a different color

Install provided throttle Swivel as shown. It's best to remove the entire throttle plate for drilling.
Slide provide crank shaft adapter over the crank shaft in which is 2" long.

If your Briggs Vanguard crank shaft is longer than 2" Click HERE for directions on how to
cut and drill/tap your crankshaft.

Hint: Make sure you apply anti-seize on both crank, inside of adapter hub and keyway.

Silde the provide foam seal over crankshaft adapter hub.

This foam seal installs between the engine and the three distance plates.

NOTE: Some kits have a splined hub instead of the tappered one shown in this photos


Assemble the three (white) provided distance plates onto bell housing plate as shown in photo.

Use phillip screwdrivers to "hold" the three plates in position, while installing engine hub
( with crankshaft hub adapter with foam in above photos) through the large hole in the plates.

Install the engine: Making sure the three plates stay in this position.


Your plates may be supplied a different color


Install 4 bolts throughthe bellhousing plate, through these 3 distance plates and
just start the threads into the engine.

From under the mule, install 4 bolts, mounting the Briggs engine plate onto the original Kawasaki Mule Diesel engine cradle.

Tighten all 8 engine mount bolts.


Close up of installed engine

Note: Red pointer showing the three distance plates, mounted between the engine and
(white) belt housing plate.

Note: Click on all photos for better detail.


Your plates may be supplied a different color

Install front drive shaft

Note: How close drive shaft is to Briggs Vanguard engine, that's why you can
not use a pull start equipped engine!

Install original belt along with both clutchs, using provided bolt.
At this time you can install all the original clutch covers along with
air filter system, as was originally installed on your Kawasaki Mule Diesel.

Note: See red pointer

HINT: Torque bolt to 40 ft/lbs and use 262 High Strength Loctite on threads

NOTE: We have kits to fit all models of 2510, 3010 and 4010 models


Shifter bracket installation.

This bracket will require modifications before you reinstall it, using
the provided spacers to raise bracket up, awsy from the Briggs Vanguard engine

Click HERE to view bracket modification


Install the new Briggs exhaust manifoid, cut the original Mule Diesel exhaust pipe in areas shown
by yellow pointer, rotate cut pipe and weld on to Briggs exahust mainfoid.

Note: it will take some detail grinding and tack welding to get pipe to fit as shown in photo.

Bend and refit original heat shield.
Note: Yellow pointer


Shorten original throttle cable and install as shown.

Note: Position of installation, for full throttle travel.


Choke cable routing and installation to Briggs Vanguard engine

Install choke cable in dash as shown

This is the basic installation.

We hope this kit will allow you to enjoy your Kawasaki ex-diesel Mule again!

Patent Pending


We offer the kit for you to do conversion yourself, or we can
install the conversion for you, call for details 812-944-1643 weekdays 8am-6pm
Located in Southern Indiana, Louisville KY metro area.

Vanguard Wiring in Diesel Mule Conversion
Installing a Vanguard

Red wire to mule alternator wire.

White wire to a 12V source with key on, this is a brown wire on some machines

Black wire, unused or could be wired to a toggle switch, open to run grounded to stop.

NOTE: This black wire is a coil ground used to kill engine, NEVER put 12V to this black wire
as damage will occur to engine.

Starter Solenoid wired same as old diesel engine.

What owners are saying!

I would just like to Thank you guys at Route 66 parts, the diesel to gas conversion kit I purchased for a 3010 mule worked fantastic! The lady I did it for was very excited to have her Mule back in service after 10 years of setting in her barn. It was very cost effective way to get a machine in great condition back to work. Thanks again guys!

Brad Holthaus.

Comment used with Mr Holtaus's permission

Short Clip of a Kawasaki Diesel Mule that we converted using our Briggs 23hp Vanguard kit showing how quiet it runs and operates
Click HERE

Kawasaki 2510 Diesel Mule engine new replacement conversion kit 950D
Kawasaki 3010 Diesel Mule engine new replacement conversion kit 950D

Kawasaki 4010 Diesel Mule engine new replacement conversion kit 950D

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